Hop Race!

2016 Tap Room Great Hop Race


Wednesday, June 8th, Update!!

The Great Hop Race of 2016 is heating up. Check out the progress this week. Only one plant has made it to the Deck level, starting out Heat 2 for Kashmir! There are still 263 shares left, and only 4 plants completely sold out. Come on by this weekend to check out the latest state of these beauties and donate to a great cause for our village.
























Terms and Conditions



19 Hop Plants

Anyone over 18 can contribute




We are figuring out how to properly work with the State Gaming Authority to take contributions for the Greater Port Austin Art and Placemaking fund in conjunction with our Hop Race. Please check back for the details on how the contributions will be awarded, etc. Essentially, you will contribute on a share basis for the plant you think will grow fastest. There will be a maximum of 20 share per plant in two stages. Stage One, from this point to when the plants reach the deck on the Pergola. Stage Two, when the plants reach the rail on the pergola.


We will also have an incentive for the largest contributor for a sweet ride on Lake Huron. The Tap Room will award the contestant with the largest $ Contribution a complimentary sunset cruise to Turnip Rock (via the Light House) with Wine and Cheese (or Beer and Cheese) and other light appetizers on Kashmir pictured below:




















The winner will be declared as soon as the fastest hop plant reaches the underside of the beam to which it is attached.  Since Hop Plants grow to 30ft in a single season and the bine to the pergola is only 13.5ft, we should be announcing the winner(s) in a few short weeks! Check out Page 2 for the names of these beautiful plants!




Plant Number    Name

1                     You da Man!

2                    Hillary Clinton

3                    Busty

4                    Turnip Rock and Roll

5                    Teddy Hopper

6                    Jo Mama

7                    Also Known As

8                    Notorious H.O.P

9                    Louie

10                   Hop Awesome

11                    Kyle

12                   Billy Jean is not my lover

13                   Hoppy McHopFace

14                   Spaz the Spaz

15                   Donald Trump

16                   Upside

17                   Kashmir

18                   Funky Town

19                   Mr Happy